Granello 2022

Toscana Igt Passito

Passito white wine with an important aromatic component.

95% Sauvignon Blanc with a small percentage of aromatic white grapes.

0,5 lt.

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Granello, Toscana Passito
Distinctive traits: important aromatic component

The grapes are subjected to forced ventilation in dehumidified rooms. After cooling and pressing the grapes, the must begins a slow fermentation in order to enhance the aromatic components.

Blend: 95% Sauvignon with a smallest amount of aromatic white grapes
Vineyard: Altitude: 230 m a.s.l. | Density: 5.500/6.000 plants/ha Exposure: East-West | Training: Guyot
Soil: New alluvial soil, well drained but also fresh, which grant a good acidity to the grapes even when fully ripe.
Winemaking: Fermentation occurs in steel tanks, at about 14°C-15°C (57.20°F- 59°F) for 30 days.
Ageing: in stainless steel vats
Alcohol:  11,5 % vol.

Tasting notes

Golden yellow colour. On the nose, honey, fruit in syrup and acacia flowers. Sweet, of medium persistence and balanced, with a licorice and sweet almond in the finish.

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