Castello di Brolio

Grappa Riserva

To give life to the elegant amber-coloured Grappa Riserva Castello di Brolio, the distillate must mature for at least 18 months in Slavonian oak barrels. Distilled from pomace of Chianti Classico grapes that go to produce the Castello di Brolio wine.

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Castello di Brolio, Grappa Riserva
Distinctive traits: the character and aroma of the grapes of origin are unmistakable
The grappa after ageing in oak, is diluted with distilled water and brought to a gradation of 45%,  then refrigerated to -10°C and filtered until bottling
Ageing: at least 18 months in Slavonia oak barrels
Limited production
Alcohol: 45%

Tasting notes

Amber-yellow  color, clear; intense nose, with delicate notes of blackberry in the finish. It highlights a great elegance and balanced aromas of flowers, fruits and delicate hints of vanilla and wood. Serve at 17°C

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